Here are the possible chemistry experiments and activities that can be carried out by students in the laboratory


Silver mirror test: Aldehydes and ketones

          Silver mirror test is a test used to distinguished between aldehydes and ketones. Before we continue with the test, let ...
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Experiments on electrochemistry

Electrochemistry is the branch of chemistry that deals with the interrelation of electrical and chemical changes  caused by the passage of ...
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Experiments on density

DENSITY Activity  Investigation : Determining the density of liquids: Density is a very important property because it helps us to identify different ...
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Demonstration of gas laws

Demonstration of gas laws Boyle’s law Demonstration : Boyle’s Law If you have ever tried to force in the plunger ...
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Experiment on reversible chemical reactions

Reversible chemical reactions Apparatus and materials: Lime water (Ca(OH)2); calcium carbonate (CaCO3); hydrochloric acid; 2 test tubes with rubber stoppers; delivery ...
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solution and solubility

Solution: Solubility and its Factor affecting it.

Solutions and solubility  In our daily life, we are surrounded by different types of solutions. A solution consist  of a ...
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